Matt Taibbi Expands Team for Upcoming Digital Magazine

For the past several months, Alex Pareene and I have been busy creating our new digital magazine, set to release this fall. We’ve very excited about what we’re building, how we’ll deliver our stories, and the people we’re bringing along on this journey. We’ll have more to share soon, but for now, I want to introduce two new members of our team: Laura Dawn and Edith Zimmerman.

Laura is joining the First Look team as Executive Editor of Multimedia, and Edith is joining as a Senior Writer. Both will be based in New York. Both are extremely talented, and we’re thrilled to have them on board.

In Laura, we’re getting on of the country’s most skilled producers of online videos. She has extensive experience as a multi-media director, writer, producer and national campaign strategist. As the former Creative & Cultural Director of from 2003 – 2011 and current Founder and Chief Creative Director for the creative agency & production group ART NOT WAR, Laura has spent the last decade making high-impact media—securing and shooting interviews with politicians such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John Edwards, and creating social change media with celebrities like Matt Damon, Oliver Stone, Whoopi Goldberg, John Cusack, Olivia Wilde, and many others.

She has directed over 60 online videos and mini-docs in just the past two years. In the past decade, she has served as producer and creative director for over 500 media pieces, produced two full-length documentaries, and earned over 80 million views online of her work.

She is considered an expert in both earned media strategies and the nexus between art and social change, consistently creating campaigns that generate tens of millions of dollars worth of national news coverage for the organizations she works with. Her work has been called “radical,” “vile,” “brilliant,” “savage,” “foul-mouthed,” “eccentric,” and “hard hitting and highly effective” by Fox News and other major media outlets.

She’s a force of nature. With her skills and experience in both media and activism, she’ll be able to take journalism to places it’s never been.

Edith Zimmerman is one of the sharpest and most talented young writers online today. She founded The Hairpin, a general-interest site aimed at women, and has written for the New York Times Magazine, GQ, Elle, and This American Life. Like her new colleague Alex Pareene, she was once named to the Forbes “30 Under 30” list of influential young Americans, where she was hailed as a “much sought-after writer.”

Before The Hairpin, she worked for New York magazine’s entertainment site, Vulture. She’s well known for her witty prose style and her keen eye for the absurd, captured in viral classics like the montage Women Laughing Alone With Salad.

She has great natural feel for language, a warm, expansive narrative style, and a terrific sense of humor. We’re really looking forward to working with her and giving her a forum to develop her tremendous writing talent.

These two top-notch journalists are going to be instrumental in delivering on our promise of combining hard-hitting reporting with scathing satire. I look forward to bringing them on board – and to sharing more news about our growing team in the future.

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