5 Clio Case Management Features You’re Missing Out On

In anticipation of the Clio Cloud Conference next week in Chicago, we’re taking a fresh look at the law firm case management software provider, examining some underutilized features that current users may or may not be so familiar with.
Cascading Tasks
This one’s a newish feature that saves users from redundancy. I hate repeating the same routine tasks over and over again. It’s a waste of time, especially considering that there should be some sort of automated solution when I’ve already done the same thing once previously. Clio actually delivers this automation by allowing you to create task lists that you can use over and over again. Instead of having to create new tasks for a matter one-by-one, you can create one master task list that is reused on a particular case type whenever it comes up.

from Jurispage http://jurispage.com/2014/law-practice-management/5-clio-case-management-features-youre-missing-out-on/