Online Reputation Management Basics for Law Firms

What is your instinctive response when someone recommends to you a product or professional service? You Google it, either to get contact information, or to double-check the recommendation. It’s become the norm, even more so now with the expansion of mobile AI; we can ask our phone to make the query for us. What do […]

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Black Friday for Lawyers: Think Skill Sets not Gift Sets

I’m not one to buy into the hysteria of seasonal consumerism. When bourbon is a “seasonal” flavor that can be added to anything, maybe I’ll head to Starbucks. (It’s a legitimate suggestion). So begins the onslaught of a weekend of “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” deals and a bombarding of cut-price, time-conscious offers on everything […]

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A Bing Ads Guide For Lawyers

Google rules the world; more than half of smartphone users begin a query by yelling, “Google!” at their phones. For years, “Google it” something has been a common colloquialism for a web search; Google is search. Lately, Bing’s search engine market share has exploded, making them a search engine worth consideration. More importantly, for lawyers, using […]

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Law Firm Holiday Cards – Everything You Need to Know

With the holidays approaching, it’s getting to be the season for company holiday cards. Yes, it’s probably your single-favorite thing about the holidays: Sending and receiving generic, non-denominational cards reading “Happy Holidays From XYZ Law Firm, LLP”.
As custom dictates, your firm should send a conservative, non-offensive holiday card to your clients, colleagues, and referral sources to thank them for putting up with you for the past year.
Since there are a lot of etiquette issues surrounding holiday cards, we’ve taken the time to write this guide on everything you need to know about sending holiday cards.

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Contactually Review – A User-Friendly, and Surprisingly Fun CRM

Contactually provides an extremely user-friendly CRM that would be an asset to any law firm looking to help its team stay on top of its contacts. It provides a solid set of tools to help law firms manage their contacts, keep in touch, and develop new business.
By turning "staying in touch" into a game, Contactually is very effective at helping its users reach out to contacts. Whether you are looking to generate new business from referrals, upsell existing clients, or get potential clients to sign with your firm, the Contactually platform is an invaluable asset to make it happen.

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