Weekly Edge #25: Using Twitter Effectively, For Lawyers

You might be tweeting every day. Or maybe it’s the final frontier of social media that you haven’t explored yet. Regardless of your feelings towards Twitter, it is undeniably one of the best ways to both push out content and absorb new information. Even if you’re not looking to grow your practice through Twitter, or you’re not sure you want to spend time coming up with clever tweets, consider using Twitter as a custom, live news feed and going from there.

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Edit Word Documents Directly From Clio

Clio’s new integration with Microsoft’s Office 365 for Business lets you sync Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks with Outlook quickly and easily. You can even edit your Word documents directly from Clio with a few clicks!

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New Clio Practice Management Software Updates – October 2015

At the 2015 Clio Cloud Conference, CEO Jack Newton announced three new major Clio features during his keynote address. They included Clio Payments, Campaign Tracking, and an Office 365 integration. Clio Payments provides a way for lawyers to effortlessly bill and receive online payments from clients. Campaign Tracker helps law firms evaluate where the best ROI is for their marketing budgets, and the Office 365 integration further integrates Clio with software that law firms use every day.

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Weekly Edge #24: Stress Management for Lawyers

It’s no secret that lawyers are some of the most stressed people out there. Delivering results for a senior partner or demanding client is one thing, but being responsible for the success of your own firm is something that can keep you not only stressed all day, but awake at night. Does this sound like you? If so, you might agree that it’s time to take action to escape your stressed-out state of mind.

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Clio helps law firms control their advertising costs.

Advertising for law firms online is both expensive and competitive. A recent study of online advertising found that 78 of the top 100 most expensive Google advertising terms are fought over by lawyers looking for clients. Google makes money displaying ads relating to terms with which clients search while looking for legal services.  If a potential […]

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Clio helps law firms handle credit card payments from clients

Many law firms have to wait on average more than three months to be paid for their services – far longer than most other businesses. This long wait for payments can be especially hard on smaller law firms, who may not be able to invest the manpower necessary to track down delayed payments. Compounding these […]

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